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How to move/migrate your software to a different machine/VM

If you intend to do a migration-upgrade (move from one VM to another while upgrading the software at the same time, this article is not for you. You should follow this procedure instead.

This procedure is only applicable to Syncplify Server! v6+, if you are running an older version (for example v4 or v5) this procedure won't work, please refer to this other knowledge base article instead.

If you need to migrate your Syncplify Server! to a different/new machine or VM, please, keep in mind that this article explains the only correct procedure to accomplish the goal.

No worries, it's really easy. Simply follow these steps in this exact order:

  • Log into the SuperAdmin web UI on your "old" machine/VM, the one you want to decommission, and take a full backup of Syncplify Server!'s configuration from the BACKUP page; then from the LICENSE page in the same UI use the Deactivate button to free up your license and be able to re-activate it later on your new VM
  • Make sure you deploy a new machine/VM with a fresh operating system, and don't install anything else on it for now, only the operating system
  • Copy the backup file (a .zip archive) to the new machine/VM
  • Download the latest Syncplify Server! installer on the new machine/VM and install it as you normally would if it were a fresh/new deployment
  • Once the installer is done you can log into your new Syncplify Server!'s SuperAdmin UI on the new machine/VM and do the following, in this exact order:
    • activate the license first (the one you previously deactivated from the old machine/VM)
    • from the RESTORE page in the SuperAdmin UI perform a restore of the backup you took from your old machine/VM onto this new node

IMPORTANT: when you use the Deactivate License function you're freeing up that license code so that it can be reactivated on another (different) machine, you will not be able to reactivate it on the same machine you have deactivated it from. This automatic deactivation requires your server to be online (have direct, unrestricted, unproxed Internet access), if you're running your server offline, please contact us to have your license deactivated.