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How to fix "Invalid OTP" error during setup

In order to ensure the utmost level of security, the web-based portion of the setup process must be completed within 5 minutes; taking longer than that will result in an "Invalid OTP" error, and the setup will fail.

If that happens there are 2 possible ways to fix the situation.

Workaround #1

Fully uninstall Syncplify Server! v6 from the Windows Control Panel or, if it's Linux, using the setup CLI, then reinstall the software anew (fresh, from scratch).

Workaround #2

Run a terminal (cmd.exe, PowerShell, or any terminal/shell in Linux), then change directory into the folder where the software is installed, and type the following:

For Windows (as Administrator):

.\ss6-webrest.exe genssc

For Linux:

sudo ./ss6-webrest genssc