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How to auto-fix problems with the Web/REST system service

Bad things happen: you let the certificate expire, you configure the wrong binding, or simply you cut yourself out by applying the wrong security or CORS settings... and you can no longer access the SuperAdmin/Admin UIs. What now? Do you have to uninstall and reinstall everything?

No, don't worry, we got you covered.

In Windows, simply open a CMD or PowerShell as Administrator, change directory to where Syncplify Server! is installed, and type:

.\ss6-webrest.exe repairhttp

In Linux, the equivalent command to be issued in a terminal is:

sudo .\ss6-webrest repairhttp

This will reconfigure the HTTPS stack used by the Web/REST service itself, performing a "best effort" to repair whatever is affecting it, allowing it then to be at least restarted, so that it can be then manually reconfigured by a SuperAdmin.

Up to v6.1.3 the repairhttp command would do the following:

  • disable your Web/REST service advanced security settings
  • disable your Web/REST service CORS settings

As of v6.1.4, the same command also does the following:

  • reset the binding IP to an empty string (which means: bind to all IP addresses available on the local machine/VM)
  • reset the binding port to the default 6443
  • make sure at least 1 valid (though self-signed) X.509 certificate is available to perform a TLS connection (the browser may complain it's insecure, but at least you got access again, and you can change it again if you want to)