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How to email a list of uploaded files

As of version 6.0, all Syncplify software products have converged onto using SyncJS (our very own flavor of extended JavaScript) as the unified scripting language on all platforms. This means that the old scripts you've been using in previous versions of the software no longer apply. Here's how to achieve the task in the subject via SyncJS.

The foundational concepts are the same. First of all, you need a script that adds each uploaded file name to the Session's "custom data" memory container:


The script above needs to be associated to the AfterFileUpload event handler.

Then you need a second script to send out the actual emails:

    if (Session.GetAllCustomData().length > 0) {
        SendMail("", "", "List of uploaded files", 
                 Session.GetAllCustomData().toString(), "");

This second script needs to be triggered by the OnConnectionClose event handler.


Please note that, just like with previous versions of our software, you may receive more than 1 mail. This happens when your client software (FileZilla, WinSCP, ...) performs multiple concurrent connections to the server to upload multiple files at once. Each connection is one Session, and each Session has its own custom data and events.