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How to disable 2FA for a SuperAdmin account

As of version 6.0, Syncplify Server! supports multiple SuperAdmin accounts, and it also supports 2FA for these accounts via Google Authenticator. But what if you have enabled 2FA on your SuperAdmin, and your out-of-band device (phone, tablet) where your Google Authenticator runs becomes unusable? No worries, we got you covered.

If you are an administrator of the operating system where our software is installed, and you have console/terminal access to it, you can in fact disable 2FA for a SuperAdmin account via command line.

Open a terminal shell (cmd.exe, PowerShell, bash, zsh, ...), then change directory to the folder where the Syncplify Server! executables are located (C:\Program Files\Syncplify Serever! on Windows, or /opt/Syncplify/ServerV6/bin on Linux) and type in the following command.

On Windows:

.\ss6-webrest.exe disable2fa -s your_superadmin_account

On Linux:

./ss6-webrest disable2fa -s your_superadmin_account

Thank you! :)