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How to backup your Server! v4/v5

This article refers to old/discontinued versions of our software.

Backing up your Server! v4 or v5 is a very simple process, it basically consists of just 1 simple step shown below. But please read the whole article, as there are some important notes for those who are running very old version 4's.

Running a very old v4?

If you are running a version prior to v4.2.5 your software does not have a backup function. In order to enable such function, please make sure that you’re running v4.2.5.

How to take a backup

Backups can only be taken locally, on the same machine/VM where Server! is installed, by pasting a very special URL into your browser (any browser except Internet Explorer).

Provided you're using the standard port our software comes pre-configured with, if you're running v4 this is your special URL to produce a backup file:\SMSBackup&file=BK$datetime

While if you're running v5 this is the special URL you need:\SMSBackup&file=BK$datetime

Of course if you're running our Web/REST interfaces on ports other than 4443 (for v4) or 5443 (for v5) you'll have to edit the special URLs here above, and specify the actual port you're using.

Once you paste the special URL into a local browser on the server, you'll see a small OK message. At that point you will find a zip archive containing the current full backup of your Server! software in the following folder: C:\SMSBackup