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Updating/upgrading Syncplify Server!: the general rule

The process to update or upgrade your Syncplify Server! falls into either one of the following two scenarios, please read the one that's applicable to your current situation.

Updating within the same major version (ex: from v6.x.y to v6.w.z)

If the major version remains the same, updating your software to the most recent release is very straightforward: simply download the installer from our official website, and run it.

Your virtual sites, users, VFSs, and configuration will be kept and upgraded automatically as well, so this is truly an automatic and hassle-free procedure.

Be advised that any update of this kind requires an active maintenance/support plan, the installer will warn you if your maintenance/support plan is expired to give you a chance to renew it.

Upgrading from an older version (v4/v5 to v6)

You can perform an upgrade from an older v4/v5 version of our software. Versions 1 through 3 are too old and cannot be upgraded to v6 (read below in the third section of this article).

These upgrades from v4/v5 are relatively easy, but they do require you to perform a few manual steps, to make sure we describe the entire process and all of its implications in enough detail, with precision and thoroughness, we have written a dedicated knowledge base article on this specific topic.

Please note that you'll need a v6 license, your old v4/v5 license won't work, but if you have an active maintenance/support plan you can request a v6 license FOR FREE.

Upgrading from v1/v2/v3

Upgrading from any version older than v4 is not possible. Versions 1 through 3 were based on a totally different (and now discontinued) technology, so their configuration is not exportable and therefore it cannot be imported into v6.

So, if you're running any version of our software between v1 and v2, your only option is to deploy a brand new and fresh v6, and configure it anew (from scratch). Sorry about that, we had no other option.