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How to change a SuperAdmin password

As of version 6.0, Syncplify Server! supports multiple SuperAdmin accounts, and there are three ways to change or reset a SuperAdmin account's password.

Method #1: change your own password

The preferred way to reset or change a SuperAdmin account's password is to log in as such SuperAdmin, edit your own profile, and change your own password.

Method #2: change another SuperAdmin's password

Log in with one SuperAdmin account, go to the SuperAdmins section of the UI, select the SuperAdmin account whose password you want to change, and edit that account. Set the new password and save it.

Method #3: via command-line interface (CLI)

What if you only have one SuperAdmin account and you forgot its password? We still got you covered. You can open a terminal shell (cmd.exe, PowerShell, bash, zsh, ...), then change directory to the folder where the Syncplify Server! executables are located (C:\Program Files\Syncplify Serever! on Windows, or /opt/Syncplify/ServerV6/bin on Linux) and type in the following command.

On Windows:

.\ss6-webrest.exe sapassreset -s your_superadmin_account -p your_new_password

On Linux:

./ss6-webrest sapassreset -s your_superadmin_account -p your_new_password

Thank you! :)