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New PageHow to use the Azure blob storage Virtual File System (VFS)

Syncplify Server!, through its virtual file system (VFS) data storage layer, can store your SFTP server's data into various storage back-ends. This article explains how to use the Azure (blob storage) VFS type that stores your server's data into an Microsoft Azure blob storage container.

First of all you'll need to create an Azure Storage Account (unless you already have one). Please, make sure this account features and security settings meet your requirements.


Inside of your storage account, create the container(s) you need. For security reasons, we recommend you to make sure that they're not publicly accessible, access should be restricted to your storage account and access key.


Now you're ready to create your Azure Virtual File System (VFS) in your Syncplify Server!:


Specify your Azure blob storage URL as shown above, and then use your storage account name, and its associated account key (in JSON) format to authenticate/authorize access from your VFS to your Azure blob storage. That's all there is to it.