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What is LLTS (Limited Long-Term Support)?

When we retire a software version, we typically keep providing a certain level of support for it for a certain period of time, to make sure the transition to the new version that replaced it is as smooth as possible.

This period of extended support is called LLTS, or Limited Long-Term Support. And, as the term itself suggests, it's limited in terms of time, scope, and priority.

So, how is this LLTS different from the level of support the current version receives? In summary, when a certain software version under LLTS:

  • incoming support requests are handled after those that came in for the current version
  • only suggestions, recommendations, and (when possible) workarounds are provided, no development is performed, not even to fix bugs (only the current version is under active development)
  • the LLTS itself has a termination date: past such date no support at all will be provided for that version

It is, therefore, always extremely important to keep your software up to date, and always use the most recent (current, under active development) version of the software.