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How to buy/renew/extend your maintenance and support plan

Though we never force any of our customers to buy (or keep current) their maintenance/support plan, we do encourage them to do so because that's the only way to gain access to:

  • updates and upgrades (including bug-fixes and hot-fixes)
  • customer support

Buying or extending your maintenance/support plan is really easy. First of all, log into the Syncplify Customer Center with the same email address that was originally used to purchase your license.

Once you're in, locate the license code which maintenance plan you want to buy or extend, and select the Buy/extend maintenance item from the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of the same line of the license code, as shown in the screenshot below:


You can even co-term multiple maintenance plans, and have all of them expire on the same day, by simply selecting multiple license codes with a check-mark, and then clicking the button on the top-right corner (as shown below):


Please be aware that when buying/extending any maintenance plan, the minimum time period will be 1 year, so you will be prompted to select a date that is at least 365 days in the future.

Thank you!