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How to obtain support from Syncplify

At Syncplify we care about providing the best experience to our customers. In an effort to streamline the entire support process we have recently developed a new infrastructure for all of our customers to request, obtain, and track the progress of their support requests.

When requesting assistance, first and foremost, please, take a moment to determine in which category your request falls:

  • Pre-Sales: these are information requests from individuals and companies that are not yet our customers, but are considering buying our software products. If this is the category you fit in, please send your request via email to
  • Existing Customer: if you are an existing customer, simply log into your Syncplify Customer Portal, locate the exact license code you need support for, and click on the Request Support button next to it. Our software will verify that you have an active maintenance/support contract for that specific license, and will then open a support ticket for you in our private customers-only help-desk.

Thank you.