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Why Internet Explorer is not supported

Most software products by Syncplify are configured via web user interfaces (UIs). These are graphical interfaces that run inside of most browsers.

All browsers based on Chrome/Chromium as well as those based on Firefox are fully supported, and most other independent browser engine work well, too. The only browser we officially do not support is Internet Explorer.

The reason is simple: while almost all other browsers have converged onto a common DOM (document object model) and, even more importantly, a common JavaScript standard (ECMA-262), Internet Explorer is the only browser that went its own way, more often than not causing issues with web UIs that every other browser is, instead, capable of running flawlessly.

Even Microsoft (who makes Internet Explorer) has given up on trying to support it, and has officially announced that as of August 2021 their own office suite will not support Internet Explorer anymore. Furthermore, as of June 2022 Microsoft is planning on dropping Internet Explorer for good and move exclusively to their newer browser engine (Edge).

In our opinion, this goes to show that our choice not to support Internet Explorer in our products was correct. So, please, do not use Internet Explorer in conjunction with any Syncplify software products, and - if you at all care about your safety and broad software compatibility - we recommend you do not use Internet Explorer at all.