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Syncplify Server!

This is the official knowledge base for Syncplify Server! It was launched shortly after the release of Syncplify Server! v6.0, so if you're looking for articles and solutions for older versions of the software you may not find them here (unless they serve a pu...

Setup on Linux

Syncplify Server! Installation

How to install The following video shows how to install Syncplify Server! v6.x on a Linux operating system: Here's a handy copy-pastable list of the two commands you'll need. You will still need to manually type in the name of the .tar.gz archive you downl...

Setup on Windows (GUI)

Syncplify Server! Installation

This here below is a quick "how to" and video tutorial showing how to install and setup Syncplify Server! v6 on Windows. It also shows its initial barebone configuration and test of some of its subsystems (protocol handlers). Thank you! :)

How to email a list of uploaded files

Syncplify Server! Scripting

As of version 6.0, all Syncplify software products have converged onto using SyncJS (our very own flavor of extended JavaScript) as the unified scripting language on all platforms. This means that the old scripts you've been using in previous versions of the s...

ECCN and export restrictions

FAQ / Popular Topics

Being a US-based corporation, Syncplify is subject to the United States rules regarding the import/export of software products. This article aims at clarifying some of the most common doubts regarding such a topic. First of all, the ECCN for all Syncplify pro...

Why Internet Explorer is not supported

FAQ / Popular Topics

Most software products by Syncplify are configured via web user interfaces (UIs). These are graphical interfaces that run inside of most browsers. All browsers based on Chrome/Chromium as well as those based on Firefox are fully supported, and most other in...

Emails from Syncplify not received. Why?

FAQ / Popular Topics

Here at Syncplify, we take support requests very seriously, and we always reply. Usually within 2-4 hours, and never beyond the second business day. The same applies to license-code delivery emails when you purchase a license from us. Sometimes, though, the i...

Maintenance and Support explained

FAQ / Popular Topics

What is the Maintenance and Support plan? In short, it’s a contract, tied to a software license, that entitles customers to the following: All updates/upgrades to all minor and major versions released during the subscription coverage period Documentation,...

How to obtain support from Syncplify

FAQ / Popular Topics

At Syncplify we care about providing the best experience to our customers. In an effort to streamline the entire support process we have recently developed a new infrastructure for all of our customers to request, obtain, and track the progress of their suppor...

Upgrading from v4/v5 to v6

Syncplify Server! Installation

Upgrading from an old Server! v4 or v5 to Syncplify Server! v6 is much easier and straightforward than previous upgrade processes, and can be done directly, without the need for intermediate upgrades (provided you're on the latest release of your ...

How to backup your Server! v4/v5

Syncplify Server! Operation

This article refers to old/discontinued versions of our software. Backing up your Server! v4 or v5 is a very simple process, it basically consists of just 1 simple step shown below. But please read the whole article, as there are some important n...

Using network shares (UNC paths) with Syncplify Server! v6+ on Linux

Syncplify Server! Operation

Since the Linux version of Syncplify Server! is implemented as a systemd service, this knowledge base article assumes a basic familiarity with the Linux operating system and with its systemd subsystem. All of the operations below are assumes to be performed a...

Using network shares (UNC paths) with Syncplify Server! v6+ on Windows

Syncplify Server! Operation

Windows does not allow system services running as SYSTEM (or LocalSystem) to access UNC paths. This is a design choice by Microsoft, so every system service of every vendor (not just Syncplify) is subject to it. So what can you do when you need your system se...

Setup on Windows (CLI)

Syncplify Server! Installation

Some versions of Windows Server, especially the recent 2016, 2019, and 2022, can be installed without the graphical desktop that gave Windows its name in the first place. This makes for a usage experience that many Linux administrators are most familiar with, ...

How to be notified of new releases

Syncplify Server! Installation

Keeping your software up to date is always highly recommended. Keep in mind that we keep working to improve our software and to fix bugs, so updates and upgrades are of the utmost importance for your experience with the software and for your overall safety. T...

Insecure warning in your browser? It might be OK...

Syncplify Server! Operation

After installing Syncplify Server! you will be able to manage it securely via web interface over HTTPS. Now, a very common choice is to use a self-signed certificate, because it saves money and if you know what you’re doing it doesn’t compromise security. Thi...

Virtual File System (VFS) Encryption

Syncplify Server! Operation

You may have notices that, depending on the Syncplify Server! edition you're running, you may be able to enable Encryption when you create a new Virtual File System (VFS). This means that whatever you upload to that VFS will automatically be stored in an encr...

Overriding permissions on folders/directories

Syncplify Server! Operation

Syncplify Server! gives you the ability to override permissions on sub-folders that are physically contained inside a user’s Home VFS. Let’s say, for example, that the actual directory structure on the disk is the one you see in the picture here below, and th...

Where is the manual?

Syncplify Server! Operation

This knowledge base covers some common topics in a broader way than a manual ever could, but it's limited to those topics, and it doesn't have the full coverage that a true manual has. You can find the full Syncplify Server! Manual here. We strongly advise a...

How to change a SuperAdmin password

Syncplify Server! Operation

As of version 6.0, Syncplify Server! supports multiple SuperAdmin accounts, and there are three ways to change or reset a SuperAdmin account's password. Method #1: change your own password The preferred way to reset or change a SuperAdmin account's password ...