Upgrading from v4/v5 to v6

Upgrading from an old Syncplify.me Server! v4 or v5 to Syncplify Server! v6 is much easier and straightforward than previous upgrade processes, and can be done directly, without the need for intermediate upgrades (provided you're on the latest release of your current v4/v5 version).

All you need is a backup of your old V4 or V5.

Once you have the backup file from your old installation ready at hand, please make sure you read these few short observations and recommendations, they will save you a lot of headaches in the future:

For these reasons we do not recommend in-place upgrades, what we recommend instead is to perform a migration-upgrade. Please, read below for more details.

Performing a migration-upgrade is as simple as:

The video here below shows just how quick and easy it is:

Important note for existing V4/V5 license holders: every new major version, traditionally, uses a new license code type, so if you own a v4/v5 license it won't work with v6. But if you do have an active maintenance/support subscription, you can simply request a free v6 upgraded license code by submitting a ticket here.

But what if, in spite of best-practices you want to do an in-place upgrade?

In-place upgrades are certainly possible, though not highly recommended. Here's the key points to keep in mind in order to successfully perform an in-place upgrade:


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